Trend Report: Cozy

woman working on laptop on bed in cozy clothes
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

As a Children's wear designer, I am constantly looking at the trends. This, being part of my job before I start designing for each season. This Cozy trend category is now in many of the retailers.

Where is this trend coming from?

Yes, you guessed correctly. I know we all would like this period of time behind us, to have our "normal" lives back. We have experienced a year of total change in, work,activities and how we socialize in general. With working from home more people have dressed themselves with work attire from the waist up while on zoom calls. Or forgoing this and dressing in a more business casual look. So there is no need for full business dress attire.

Two factors for this cozy trend:

  • We have been in our homes since March 2020 conducting business, and if we have students, their education. We just want to be comfortable in some aspect of our lives. We transition from bedroom to home office, or work space, then transition back to home life without the commute. With this fluid transition, we are looking for that cozy, comfort.

  • So much upset in our lives, so many uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations, whether it is loss of a job, loved one, or a subtle change in our lifestyle. One thing is for certain we all want to be cozy AND comfortable in what we wear.

6 Retailer Examples That Take On This Cozy Trend

Each retailer has marketed this trend in their own way. You can go to most retailers online sites and fine this new category. See below on their marketing spin on this trend. Most retailers have this, take a look at the below list and check out other favorite retailers to find their cozy category.

I hope in the new year that we will start to see the transition back to some sense of normalcy. Until then Keep cozy!

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