How To Repurpose An Old Patio Set

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

repainted patio furniture

I took my mom's old Wrought Iron Patio set and repurposed it into an updated set!

I remember sitting at this Patio set when I was a child in Brooklyn. When my parents divorced it moved upstate with us, then years later followed my mom to her penthouse apartment in Manhattan. After her death in 2017 I inherited it, and it sat unused in my back yard for the last few years. I was having a backyard grad party for my daughter and took the opportunity to repurpose this set.

old rusted wrought iron patio set

This set was never repurposed, it still had remnants of the old white paint with an allover patina of rust that it had succumbed to over the years. The old painted wood seats that came with the set had no cushions. My first step was to take a wire brush, and a power tool with a wire head attachment to take off any excess paint or rust spots.

It is so important in any repurposing project to spend some time on the prep work, this will always make the finished project that much better! Once I finished lightly sanding this down I spread a huge tarp in my backyard. Spray paint can go everywhere and stick to things you have close by, so PLEASE do yourself a favor and spray outside, give yourself ample room, and make sure there is nothing close by that you want left with spray paint. I then chose the color I wanted. I fell in love with this Rustoleum color vintage teal in a satin finish that I found at my local hardware store. I then flipped the chairs upside down and methodically spray painted, once this was dry, I then flipped them right side and spray painted this way. by doing this you will ensure a good coverage on all surfaces. (Walk around the pieces to make sure that you see all views) I did the same for the table. Now I had beautiful spray painted furniture , I needed cushions to go with them!

Using the wood inserts, I had foam left over from a previous project. Also I had remnant fabric left over from my kitchen stools that I had repurposed a few years ago. I would recommend using an outdoor fabric, the remnant I had was a Sunbrella fabric in Hybrid sky intended for high traffic and outdoor use. The Fabric is not inexpensive , however you do not need a lot, depending on the width of the fabric you may only use a yard or two. Amazon has a pretty good variety, I bought mine at Mood fabric store. I used a sharpie to draw on the foam, using the wood seat as a guide.

My remnant was just a little shy of covering 4 seats, so I got creative. I cut out the 3, then for the fourth one, I pinned the extra pieces to two sides, then sewed up two simple seams, ironed them down so they would lay flat, the seams fell to one side and the back of a cushion, and not readily noticeable, and allowed me to use all the fabric I had.


  1. Use wire brush for small areas or power tool with wire brush attachment to remove any excess paint & rust

  2. Place pieces upside down on tarp outside and use Rust-oleum spray paint for coverage, flip and spray right side up to ensure full coverage

  3. Use wood base, or plastic for seat cover, use as a template to cut out foam to size and shape.

  4. Place on fabric and allow for enough fabric to come over foam and back of wood.

  5. Bring fabric up and around and fold at corners and fold around corners in place to staple

  6. Use staple gun & staples to staple fabric down

  7. Cut excess fabric around staples

We now have beautiful re upholstered cushions to put on our repurposed patio set! Look how amazing! Because I had leftover materials in my house, all I had to purchase was the paint.

this whole project cost me under $20! (Sunflowers, courtesy of my neighbor)

repainted patio set

  1. Power Tool

  2. Wire brush Attachment

  3. Rust-oleum Spray paint

  4. Upholstery Foam

  5. Wire Brushes

  6. Staple Gun & staples

  7. Sunbrella Hybrid Sky Fabric

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