How To make No Sew Togas!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

girls in togas

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Easy, quick toga making for a bunch of girls! With a little ingenuity and creativity we turned them around with some sheets, ribbon, scissors, some safety pins, and some vision.

Each girl had their own style that they wanted for the outdoor toga themed Grad party that they all were invited to. We decided that even though each girl wanted a two piece set, we would construct all the skirts the same and then did a variation for each top.


I used a 10" length for most of the girls (most wanted short skirts). I determined this by taking a measuring tape from waist to length they wanted (remember to add around 2 extra inches because when you wrap the skirt it will gather at top and naturally become shorter) you can always change this measurement depending on height of the individual.

  1. Determine length of skirt

  2. Wrap 10" length around back and overlap slightly in front to determine width, then cut desired length

  3. leave extra at the width of the top for the "ties" (see diagrams below)

  4. Make a slit on either side to thread the ties through then knot in front!.

You achieve a perfect wrap skirt every time with a cute side knot. you can then fringe, add trim, add ribbon, etc. I wanted to dip or tie dye these but I was told that this was too "extra" for a toga party!

how to make a toga skirt


We did a few variations ,below I will highlight two.

My daughter Emma wanted a straight bandeau with fringe.

  1. Bandeau top with fringe cut a piece of sheet full length then made the height 12" with a 2 1/2" fold over. I pressed with a hot iron at the fold over to create a crisp crease. you can also add a few small safety pins if you want. then we cut vertical strips to create fringe with the fold over. I did the same concept for the skirt by leaving extra length cutting two small holes, threading the ends through then tying securely int he back. fo her, w fringed the bottom of her skirt for a complete fringed look!

how to make a toga top

Her friend wanted a cinched bandeau top with straps.

  1. Bandeau top w straps: Cut a straight piece and double it, cinched center with a ribbon ( you can also use a strip of a finished edge of a sheet, or take 2 stripes and braid then we looped it around the center, made a knot and brought it up over the shoulders and tied it securely to the back strap. for this style I used the same method by making two small slits in the back, threading the ends and knotting securely.

how to make a toga top

Now in order for the looks to be complete, we needed to accessorize! Below are some really cute gold accessories SHOP WITH LINKS BELOW

gold accessories

  1. gold hoop earrings

  2. Decorative arm cuffs

  3. Leaf headband

  4. gold cinch belt (for a one piece look)

  5. gold coin necklace

  6. chunky statement necklace

  7. below are gold metallic temporary tattoos

Don't forget the shoes!

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