How To Embroider Kids Clothes

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Easy way to transform any garment

girls apparel for upcycling
plain kids clothes

My friend came to me the other day with two items from her kids closet. She bought them awhile ago, the skirtall from Target, and the pants from H&M. they were cute because they had that neutral color platte that is trending right now, but they lacked any sort of character or excitement.So this is where I come in!

I circled back to the idea of adding an embroidered running stitch, (like I had done on my daughter, Emma's pants, you can read all about that here ) then adding a zig zag embroidery stitch around the pockets of these very plain pair of pants. By adding such a simple embroidery detail, these pants now had a personality!

embroidered girls pants
embroidered pants

I measured points with a pencil , where I wanted to embroider my zig zag stitch. This is so important so that you stay consistent.

The skirtall which is trending at the moment is easy to wear and all you need to do is pair it with a cute tee! Because of this I leaned more to a neutral color palette. I embroidered the edge on the skirt in a Mountmellick embroidery stitch. I then embroidered a super cool neutral rainbow motif on the pocket:

  1. Smallest arch was done in a Hungarian embroidery chain stitch.

  2. Middle one in a Knotted pearl embroidery stitch.

  3. The largest one in a simple Chain embroidery stitch.

I chose 3 kinds to add surface interest to this rainbow! Also I gave a little surprise flower that fits perfectly onto the little back piece of the straps, this was done in a chain embroidery stitch and french knots in the center. All of these stitches are very basic and can be found easily on You Tube, you do not have to be an Embroidery master to do these embroidery techniques on any clothing item. All it takes is a little practice. I used scrap canvas with my embroidery hoop to practice my stitches before I applied them on the garments.

embroidered girls bib on skirt all
Embroidered Skirtall

These two pieces came out amazing! they went from drab to fab! No other child will own these two pieces. They are original, with a boutique feel. We all know what it's like to put on something that makes us feel special.

Below are some items from H&M that can easily be embroidered on!

Below are the supplies that I used to create these embroidered looks.

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