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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

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Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback on my blog so far!

I cannot even begin to tell you the enjoyment I am getting from sharing my design process.

Years ago, after having my second child, the thought of leaving two small children at home while someone else would spend these precious hours with them while I worked a full day in the city, didn't make sense, and was heartbreaking to me. Luckily at the time, a fellow co worker, Nicole Delacruz who would become my long-term friend and advisor over the years made a very simple suggestion to me. While still out on Maternity leave and having 6 more weeks to go, Nicole told me to call all my contacts and see what I could do on a freelance basis. I thought this was such a smart idea and I made a plan. Now, understand that eighteen years ago the fashion Industry was much more vibrant with many Children's wear companies and manufacturers to choose from. I truly believe that when you put your mind to something you can create anything, and this is just what I did. I gained so many years of having a work life balance and was able to experience so many things with my children. I freelanced until my youngest was 14... a pretty good run if you ask me! During this time, I became a full service designer; I would shop, design, do graphics and prints, and do technical packages. I found that I did so much more than designing children's apparel over the years. Today I have a team that works with me and I can focus primarily on the design part.

In March, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, many of the Children's wear companies and manufacturers received huge cancelations on their orders; and with store closings, their sales dipped drastically. I had many industry friends either lose their jobs, furloughed, or told that they can continue to work but with anywhere from a 20-50% salary reduction! Many years later my friend Nicole (who has since left the Fashion Industry and started her own business in Interior Design) made another suggestion to me. Write a blog, post on social media, and start an Etsy store. So, in true fashion, I always listen to my friend because she has never steered me wrong!

While working from home since March, I am loving the break from my daily commute into the city. I also realized that I had an additional 15 hours of time that I had during the week to use however I wanted. This goes back to my statement in my last blog (which you can read here!) that in a time of adversity, we all can find opportunity.

So today I have opened up my new Etsy Store, which you can find here. I am currently selling digital files to my children's wear sketches. I will grow the store to also include digital files on my graphic designs, and prints. Please check it out!

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I surround myself with like-minded friends, who I speak to on a regular basis about the importance of continued education, building additional streams of income, and just general support. We share with each other information and resources whenever someone has found something that may help one another. It is important on who you surround yourself with. People that will support your ideas and not tear them down. My group of like-minded women include:

Nicole Delacruz (My super smart friend) She has since left the Fashion Industry and has started her own Interior Design business. You can view her website and blog here at IQ DESIGNS GRP. she provides great room starters and designed my living room space. We are currently working on a DIY bedroom makeover for me.

Marie Guido (One of my oldest and dearest friends) she is a yoga and wellness coach who has created a side business for herself, you can find her website here at SYNERGY HEALTH NOW. Marie and I check in with each other regularly and support one another in our endeavors.

Amy Chui (Fellow designer turned super mom & blogger ) you can read her blog here at PANTLESS SOCIETY. she currently has an adorable baby and is such an important source for fashion, lifestyle & food. She is my go to person for best restaurants ( when we were allowed to dine in) and sample sales!

Candice D'Auria (Artist at work and personal friend) she has such an amazing talent and we love to collaborate with one another. Her website is CANDICE DAURIA

I continue to work everyday on how I will take what I know and eventually use it for myself and not someone else. I visualize what my future life will bring. I truly believe that it will be bright!

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