Great Embroidered Summer shorts for girls

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

embroidered flowers

While it was so much fun to DIY my daughter's Jeans in my last blog. I did take some planning, deciding on my design and coming up with a color story. I needed extra fabric, embroidery floss & needle and most importantly...time!

So for all that are just looking for a cool pair of embroidered shorts for their girls, or a super unique gift for a friend, check out below for a great batch of shorts that I selected that are really super cool!

The whole embroidery look has been really trending this past season.I have incorporated this "look" into my own Spring and Summer lines for my company. It a great way to add multi colored fun looks by adding novelty stitching or even motifs on solid bottoms. Also a perfect example of how fashion is always using past fashion trends ( here is a perfect example of a look we would have seen in the 1970's) and added a spin to make it look new for the present moment.

I love the fact that all of these are embroidered but have such a wide range of assortment in looks! Even to take some inspiration from these for a project. You can email me @ if you have an idea or need help with one. We can come up with a cool game plan to either find that one of a kind look and execute it on a pair of tired old shorts or pants that you may have lying around. Always looking for new ideas, which are endless! who knows? you may be spotlighted on a future blog!

Note:  My blog periodically contains affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Purchases made through them are greatly appreciated.

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