Girls Summer Dresses

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

spring dresses
Dresses that I designed for the brand "Flapdoodles"

I love to design, and summer is my most favorite time! I explained in an older blog about my design process, you can read it here. So currently I have to design a category of dresses for next summer. One of the first things that I do is go online and see what the retailers are showcasing. This gives me information like, what colors, fabrics, silhouettes are being used. Overall I just love to look because it is so inspiring! See below for some beautiful Summer dresses.

Below is a design board of an example of what I do and how I get to the finished product. I took inspiration such as using the one shoulder look, tie front, sashes and the colors and created my own art board. Take a look at this fun project!

summer 2021 sundresses
Inspired designs from above dresses

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